Slingshot Subscription Levels

Gold Package

Unleash the full spectrum of performance and control with Slingshot's complete logistics feature set. Perfect for the large or growing operation with multiple business units, or for the leader who's focused on total efficiency and higher profits.

Silver Package

Step up to high-power precision with Slingshot's best-of-class connectivity, RTK correction and data transfer and our powerful logistics feature set, backed by the the finest Raven field computer.

Bronze Package

Tap into Slingshot's foundational data management features to move your operation to a new chapter of clarity and control. Upgrade your subscription any time you're ready.

What To Buy

Software: The table outlines the Slingshot subscription options, and capabilities within each respective level, to support your operation.

Hardware: To audit your existing hardware and better understand your potential needs, Raven can provide you with a Pre-Flight analysis and fleet migration plan.

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