The first driverless platform on the market

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AutoCart® is an innovative software system that allows you to monitor and operate a driverless grain cart tractor from the cab of the harvester. Use the compatible app on your tablet to set staging and unloading locations in a field, adjust speed, monitor location, and command the grain cart to sync.


  • Allows you to operate your tractor autonomously to automate your grain cart operation during harvest
  • Increase your harvester efficiency by up to 38% by unloading on the go, even when you don’t have a driver available
  • Puts the harvester operator in complete control of the grain cart tractor
  • Reallocate your labor force to get the most work done during your short harvest window


  • Wireless tablet-based control app
  • Real-time combine coverage tracking
  • Combine and tractor data plans
  • Cloud-based data backup and storage
  • Operation setup tools
  • Speed controls
  • Path planning
  • Real-time machine location monitoring
  • Remote operation management
  • Boundary setup/modification
  • Online or offline coverage map sharing


  • John Deere 8XXXR Series wheeled tractors
  • Requires Serial GPS
  • Use your iPad, Android, or Windows tablet to run the app