Latin America

Raven do Brasil Account Managers

Raven do Brasil is responsible for Raven brand sales in Central and South America through its designated sales team. This world-class team provides Raven distributors, dealers and other equipment manufacturers in South America with industry-leading sales support, training, repair, and other services. They are also a valuable resource in helping to identify industry needs and opportunities for our product development and support/service teams to pursue.

With expertise in agriculture and precision ag technology, each member of the team is specially trained and uniquely qualified to ensure the very highest levels of support for Raven customers in the region.

Jeff Rohlena, Director of Latin American Operations & International Sales
Jeff.Rohlena [at]
Territory: Latin America, Africa, Middle East, India, China, and Southeastern Asia

Alberto Maza, Sales Manager
Alberto.Maza [at]
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*Habla español

Leonardo Villela, Account Manager
Leonardo.Villela [at]
*Fala português

Everton Fim, Account Manager
Everton.Fim [at]
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Leandro Chaga, Account Manager
Leandro.Chaga [at]
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Felipe Oliveros, Sales Analyst OLA
Felipe.Mesa [at]
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Rosiéli Mika, Customer Support Specialist
+55 (19) 3305-5233
ravendobrasil [at]
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